Alberta Mine Safety Association

Alberta Mine Safety Association

Supporting Safety Leadership in Alberta Mines.

Seeking Positive Safety Shares

While we believe spreading awareness of incidents helps with prevention, we understand this may have a negative undertone which is why we want to showcase your Positive Safety Shares.
The process to submit is easy! Simple submit your write up to If possible include a photo. Our team will convert the information over to our template and publish (similar to what we do with incident shares)!
Submissions could include:
- a coworker that went above and beyond that deservers an atta-boy/gal!
- an innovation that was used to make the workplace/job safer.
- a coaching event or employee intervention that took place that prevented an incident.
- recognition of a coworker that makes the workplace a better place.
- improvements to your safety culture.
- and more!

Launch of the AMSA App

We are excited to announce a new initiative we have been working on; the AMSA App! The app contains: 

  • Quick access to Alberta OHS, broken down by parts and easy to search schedules.
  • Be first to know about recent incident shares and learnings.
  • Training, Live chat, Upcoming events/meetings and more!

The app is available to download from the Android and Apple app store. 


40th Annual Alberta Mine Rescue Competition


The Alberta Mine Safety Association and our co-host Imperial Oil would like to thank all our competitors, sponsors, volunteers and spectators for making our 40th Annual Alberta Mine Rescue Competition a success!

This annual event would not be possible without your continued support. 

Thank You Sponsors!

Levitt Safety
pro rescue services
standard rentals
Northern metalic

Safety Excellence Award Recipients

Every year the Alberta Mine Safety Association awards three member companies for their safety record based off their submissions of the Quarterly AMSA Safety Stats. The companies with the lowest total injury frequency (TIF), based off their hours for the past year, are recognized for their achievements.


CNRL - Horizon

TIF of 1.58 for Over 1 Million Hours


Westmoreland - Genesee Mine

TIF of 2.50 for 200K - 1 Million Hours



TIF of 0.00 for Under 200,000 Hours

Course Update

Our Supervisor Education Program (SEP) course has been updated to reflect the recent March 2023 Occupational Health and Safety code changes.

Additionally our Due Diligence course is now live! This course was created to make you aware of your responsibilities as they pertain to due diligence and the law. The course was launched in July 2023 and consists of 4 modules. This course is offered free to members. For non members the cost is $75.


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Alberta Mine Rescue Competition

Mine Rescue team are elite groups with specialized skills and training, whose job involves rescuing miners and others who have become trapped or injured in the event of a mining incident.

Surface Mine Rescue teams from around Alberta put on a display of their rescue techniques to win the prestigious top spot. Each year the competition provides an opportunity for the public, members and the Province to gauge the capabilities of mine rescue in Industry today.

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