Alberta Mine Safety Association

About AMSA

AMSA has been the voice of the mining industry in Alberta for over 40 years.

We work with Miners to make Alberta Mines the safest places to work with a goal for a workplace free of injuries, illness and incidents.

The Alberta Mine Safety Association was formed in December 1982, the principal reason for this was to look for opportunities to make mining the safest place for all Alberta mine workers to make a living.

We are an organization made up of mining, quarrying and oilsands industries. The purpose of the association is to foster good relationships between the safety personnel and operating management of all mining industries in the province of Alberta. The association is principally interested in developing and/or disseminating information and material that will carry out the purpose of the association, to accomplish this AMSA will support forums for the exchange and acquisition of professional knowledge among its members.

Representatives from all Mine Operators in the Province will meet on a regular basis to share ideas and determine best industry practice.

Affecting Legislation

AMSA is made up of member companies and groups who represent mine and quarry operators, mining contractors and educational facilities.

Member companies are represented at quarterly meetings where leading edge information on health, safety and lessons learned is readily shared by all members. 

AMSA sponsors a sub-committee dedicated to mine rescue, as part of this an annual Surface Mine Rescue competition is held where rescue teams from member companies come together to compete in a friendly forum. This is also an opportunity to share information about rescue skills along with the latest equipment and techniques.

Consumer Products From Mining

Sports Equipment

(graphite, aluminum, titanium, calcium carbonate, sulphur)

Vehicles & Tires

(steel, copper, zinc, barium, graphite, sulphur, bromine, iodine)


(nickel, cadmium, lithium, cobalt)

Computer & TV Screens

(silicon, boron, lead, barium, strontium, phosphorus, indium)


(coal, uranium, oil sands)


(copper, silver, steel, nickel, brass, cobalt, copper, iron, aluminum)

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