Alberta Mine Safety Association

Supporting Safety Leadership in Alberta Mines.

39th Annual Alberta Mine Rescue Competition


Participating 2022 Sponsors, Volunteers & Contributors:

  • Casualties: 755 Parkland Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (RCACS) 
  • Crane Truck: Xcaliber Crane & Rigging
  • Scaffolding for Rope & Recovery Event: Capital Power 
  • School Bus for First Aid Event: Golden Arrow
  • Welding Truck for First Aid Event: Komatsu
  • Fencing for Main & Spare Event: Fenceline
  • Gold Sponsor: 
    • Fire Event: Levitt Safety
    • Shaw Enterprises
  • Silver Sponsors: 
    • Rope & Recovery Event: T'NT Work & Rescue
    • Radios: Tridon Communications
    • Turn Around Safety
  • Bronze Sponsor:
    • Maxam Labratories
    • Eye Safe  
  • Volunteers from member sites.

Training and Courses

AMSA proudly supports the Alberta mining industry in efforts to continually improve safety performance.  Our unique training is essential for mine supervisors, blasters and mine rescue trainers.

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Alberta Mine Rescue Competition

Mine Rescue team are elite groups with specialized skills and training, whose job involves rescuing miners and others who have become trapped or injured in the event of a mining incident.

Surface Mine Rescue teams from around Alberta put on a display of their rescue techniques to win the prestigious top spot. Each year the competition provides an opportunity for the public, members and the Province to gauge the capabilities of mine rescue in Industry today.

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