Safety is our way of life

The first mine rescue teams in Alberta were formed in response to the Frank Slide in 1903 and the Bellevue Explosion in 1910. In 1911 mine rescue stations sprouted up in each of Alberta’s mining districts. Crowsnest Pass Rescue Station #1 operated out of a converted rail passenger car. It was centered in Blairmore and could be rapidly transported to any mine in the Pass.

The Alberta Mine Safety Association (AMSA) was formed in December 1982. The principal reason was to look for opportunities to make mining safe for all Albertans. The committee works collaboratively with the Government of Alberta. The committee is non-government funded. The AMSA Mine Rescue Committee operates under the direction of the AMSA main committee. The MR Committee develops standards, training material and oversees the direction of Mine Rescue in the province.


AMSA recognizes that dealing with the pandemic and the safety and well-being of your employees and operations must be your primary focus for the foreseeable future. There will be many challenges to overcome and we know that your employees will be fully tasked with their usual responsibilities in addition to the load created by the impacts of COVID-19. For this reason, we have decided that it may not be feasible for all sites to have mine rescue teams effectively trained and be made available for the competitions scheduled for June. Furthermore, the competition requires a great deal of advanced planning and organization that will be difficult to achieve given these uncertain times. Regretfully, in consultation with Albian, our co-host partner, we have determined that the 2020 and 2021 mine rescue competition will be

Provincial Surface Mine Rescue Competition Results

2019 Competition Results


  First Place      Second Place     Third Place
Overall  Aggregate  WML Coal Valley     CNRL Albian     Teck
Main Event WML Coal Valley     Kearl     Syncrude
Fire Event WML Coal Valley     Teck     CNRL Albian
First Aid Event WML Coal Valley     Kearl     CNRL Albian
Rope & Recovery Event Teck     CNRL Albian     Kearl
Search and Rescue Event Teck     CNRL Albian     WML Coal Valley
Spare Person Event Syncrude     WML Sheerness     CNRL Albian
Written Exam Kearl     CNRL Albian     Teck
Best Captain Teck     Kearl     WML Coal Valley

2018 Competition Results


  First Place      Second Place     Third Place
Overall  Aggregate  CNRL Albian     Teck     WML Genesee
 Main Event CNRL Albian     Kearl     WML Coal Valley
Fire Event WML Genesee     WML Paintearth     WML Coal Valley
First Aid Event CRNL Albian     WML Coal Valley     Teck
Rope & Recovery Event CNRL Albain     Teck     Syncrude
Search and Rescue Event Kearl     CNRL Albian     Sunhills
Spare Person Event Kearl     Syncrude     CNRL Albian
Written Exam Teck     WML Genesee     Syncrude
Best Captain Teck     CNRL Albian     Syncrude

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2018 Mine Rescue Competition

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