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Injury Stats 2024

First Aids

Minor injuries that do not require treatment only by a physician. May include treatment at a hospital due to location or convenience but not necessarily requires a physician.

Medical Aids

Not a minor Injury in nature that requires medical treatment only by a physician. It may include the need for prescriptions medication. Pain medication prescribed for patient comfort does not constitute medical treatment, nor does x-rays used for diagnostic purposes that are negative. Visits to a medical facility on a precautionary basis that does not result in the need for medical treatment is deemed a First Aid.

Lost Time Incidents

An injury that prevents a worker from returning to their next scheduled work shift. Missing time due to admission to a medical facility, medical treatment that keeps a worker away from their duties or lack of modified work constitutes a lost time. It is not a lost time if modified work has been recommended by the treating physician and refused by the worker.

Total Injuries Per Year Overview

153 Total Injuries for 2024 YTD
572 Total Injuries for 2023
608 Total Injuries for 2022
507 Total Injuries for 2021
429 Total Injuries for 2020
599 Total Injuries for 2019
488 Total Injuries for 2018
501 Total Injuries for 2017
561 Total Injuries for 2016

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